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For Bea, the founder of Salaton Safaris Ltd, the love for travel all began as a fun activity to do over the weekend, or during long breaks or the Christmas holidays and what to others would feel like a tedious, boring task to plan and prepare, this came naturally to her.

With a team of people who are forever planners, we at Salaton Safaris love to see bits and bobs of many ideas coming together to make meaning…so putting together different elements of a trip, with the promise of making memories yet having fun and relaxing came naturally to Bea and remains the aspiration of the team at Salaton Safaris Ltd and an exciting challenge. From a fun-loving activity for self, it morphed into an experience to share with friends and family and shortly the rest of the world.
Years and counting...
Stephen Covey once said that we should “live our lives by a compass and not a clock” and for us, this means that we offer all the joys of life that can be enjoyed by our clients, for travel truly offers us opportunities to relax, rejuvenate and refresh our minds, bodies and souls.

Every day, we get to work with a view of doing two things; open up the world to friends, family and travel partners in addition to helping them make memories.
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Salaton Safaris Limited is a safari company operating in Kenya with networks in Tanzania and Uganda. We work with multi-generational groups by helping them craft itineraries to inspiring destinations while backing up their dream of an African adventure and seeing the dream to reality. Our range of safari experiences varies from traversing the savannah grasslands in the wildlife trails to interacting with the local cultures neighbouring the parks and reserves to lounging on the Swahili beaches of Kenya and Zanzibar – all this from the people who love the life, culture and environment of Africa!

We leverage our services on friendly and timely responses to enquiries over and above the fact that every aspect of our service delivery is taken through stringent quality controls with the ultimate desire of giving our clients a pleasant “Salaton” experience.

We offer the advantage of having firsthand experience of the East African market and culture as well as having established relationships with some of the leading hotels and lodges to ensure that you get quality service at the most competitive rates. Each of our packages is customized to our clients’ preferences and budget, no one is left out!

We personalize your journey to inspiring destinations and back-up your dream to make it grow and turn into reality.

Alongside your five working senses, we encourage you to ignite your sixth one – the Sense of Adventure!

Why Work With Us


Assured reservations

The experience and knowledge base of our staff team make it easier to book and secure reservations in various hotels than it would be for an individual, due to our existing relationships with these establishments.


Comfort assured

With the reservations in flights and hotels done by ourselves, there are no last-minute hassles for our clients. Everything works according to schedule and all logistics are handled by those who know how. We only use vehicles that are in excellent condition with extensively trained driver guides to maximize your comfort and ensure you get a safe ride.


More travel for less

Our tours are packaged to cater for different tastes and personalities for a lot less than going it alone. By contracting in bulk for hotels, and ground transportation, the resulting savings from this volume purchasing are passed on to the traveler.


Comprehensive services

There’s so much detail that goes into putting together an ideal safari holiday. Places to see, things to do, where to sleep, time to move and time to stay put - all this put together to enhance our clients’ experiences. No place is missed.


Bespoke Experiences

We believe that you are an individual with a unique personal story to tell, with a mind to see the world on your own terms and preferences. We live for that and find delight in understanding a client’s insights and curating an experience that they will live to remember.


Round-the-Clock Support

You will always have a Consultant on call to consult with or offer support in the event of any changes in the travel plans, or in case of an emergency.

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Get to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste Africa from the people who love its life, culture and environment!

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